Jr. Kg Adventures at the Bandra Fire Station!

🚒 🔥Our little explorers from Jr. Kg recently had an exciting field trip to the Bandra Fire Station. 🚒

They had a unique opportunity to meet our local heroes, the firefighters, who eagerly demonstrated their firefighting gear and shared insights on how they battle blazes. 🔥👨‍🚒🧯

The real thrill came when our kids got hands-on experience using a fire hose! 🌊💪 And, of course, they couldn’t contain their excitement as they explored a genuine fire engine up close. 🚒👦👧

This unforgettable experience filled their hearts with admiration for these brave firefighters. Here’s to our little heroes in the making! 🌟👏❤️

Admission 2024-25 Open
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