Our Facilities

Bloomingdales Pre-Primary spans three entire floors of the main JML Primary School building. All our classrooms are spacious and airy, providing for a cheerful learning environment. The furniture used has been designed with care and keeping ergonomics in mind, including display board heights being at eye-level for our kindergartners. Most of the furniture is durable, stackable, and moveable allowing for easy rearrangement as required for various learning activities.

Each developmental domain has a designated room, which include the Art Den, MAD Den (Music and Dance), Language Den and SEE Den (Self Exploration and Experimentation) where our facilitators conduct specialised activities for our young learners.

The play area, exclusively built for the preschoolers, conforms to stipulated safety standards including child safe flooring. In addition, all the colourful outdoor equipment is designed for the development of gross motor activities.

Our Bloomingdales school washrooms have been ergonomically designed for preschoolers.

All these measures contribute to the environment at Bloomingdale’s Pre-Primary being physically safe, emotionally secure, and stimulating for every young child crossing our threshold

The Pre-Primary section of the school has big, airy classrooms with minimal furniture. Most furniture in the classroom is durable, stackable, and moveable which helps the facilitators to arrange and re-arrange the classroom as and when the need arises. The play area, which is exclusively for preschoolers has child-safe flooring and plenty of colourful outdoor equipment for gross motor activities. The washrooms are child-size. The entire Pre-Primary housed on the first and second floor of the primary building has a happy, child-friendly atmosphere with most display boards at child’s eye level.

Admission 2024-25 Open