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A glimpse into the virtual teaching - learning at Bloomingdales Pre-Primary.


A Little About Us

Ensconced in the suburb of Khar (West), an exclusive school, Bloomingdales Pre-Primary is vibrant and warm. Buzzing with laughter and child-chatter, our babies look forward to coming to school day in and day out. A home away from home, where learning is made joyful and meaningful through hands-on learning centers, concrete/sensorial experiences and individualised activities.


Research and educational experiences underline the crucial importance of early years in the child’s developmental experience.


The Pre-Primary section of the school has big, airy classrooms with minimal furniture. Most furniture in the classroom is durable, stackable and moveable which helps the facilitators to arrange and re-arrange the classroom as and when the need arises. The play area, which is exclusively for the preschoolers has child safe flooring and plenty of colourful outdoor equipment for gross motor activities. The washrooms are child-size. The entire Pre-Primary housed on the first and second floor of the primary building has a happy, child friendly atmosphere with most display boards at child’s eye level.


“Each child has an individuality, a mind, a heart and a body different from another. It should be our effort to create a learning environment in which each individual flowers at his/her own pace and as per his/her own capabilities.Individual excellence and enrichment of their personality should be the objective of education”. In order to take this forward the school should nurture an all-round excellence, beyond the academic dimension, to produce global citizens of tomorrow.


The first week of school is most important. This time is meant to create bonding between the teacher and the student (child). I was too apprehensive to leave my kid away from me. But, I really appreciate the way teachers are taking care of my child. I feel that I have chosen the correct school for my child. Thank You.
Mr & Mrs Goel
Parents of Shikhar Goel (Nursery - C)



Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Follow along, as our Sr. K.G. student Anaya Engineer reads out the months in a year, days in the week and counts all the numbers aloud! 📖🔢
Reading activities like these help increase concentration, improve vocabulary and language skills as well as encourage children to develop a love for reading!

Admission forms for Playschool, Nursery & Jr. K.G. are available in our bio. Apply soon!

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Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Following their teacher's instructions to the T, our Jr. K.G. students indulged in a fun memory game with colours! 🔴 🔵 🟡 🟢 🟠

Watch them sharpen their cognitive and gross motor skills while hopping and jumping as they identify various colours.

Admission forms for Playschool, Nursery & Jr. K.G. are available in our bio. Apply soon!

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Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
May this year bring happiness, new goals, new achievements, and new inspirations.

Here's wishing you a year fully loaded with success.

Happy New Year! 😄🎊

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Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Creating awareness about Traffic lights and their colours is an important practice to ensure basic safety rules when it comes to outdoors. 🚦

Our little Traffic Inspector Kiana Mehta from Nursery is here to share a small reminder about Road Safety with us!

Repeat after us!

What do you do when you see a red traffic light? You stop stop stop! 🔴
What do you do when you see a yellow traffic light? You wait wait wait! 🟡
And when you see a green traffic light? You go go go! 🟢

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Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
This #Christmas, our students from Bloomingdales Pre-primary, celebrated the Holiday virtually with great enthusiasm!

They enjoyed a fun dance session and received surprise gifts from Santa and our school mascot, AWE!🎁
Our children showed their creativity by decorating Christmas trees in various ways and played Pin The Reindeer's Nose!🎄 🦌
The Christmas festivities finally ended on a sweet note - by indulging in chocolate fondue and lots of marshmallows! 😍

We at Bloomingdales Pre-primary wish you a happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas! 💖🤗🌟

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Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
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