JML School - Admissions 2019

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JML School - Admissions 2019

Opening on 7th September

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A Litte About Us

Ensconced in the suburb of Khar (West), an exclusive school, Bloomingdales Pre-Primary is vibrant and warm. Buzzing with laughter and child-chatter, our babies look forward to coming to school day in and day out. A home away from home, where learning is made joyful and meaningful through hands-on learning centers, concrete/sensorial experiences and individualised activities.

  • Diversified learning environment
  • Child-centred activities
  • Academics and more


Research and educational experiences underline the crucial importance of early years in the child’s developmental experience.


The Pre-Primary section of the school has big, airy classrooms with minimal furniture. Most furniture in the classroom is durable, stackable and moveable which helps the facilitators to arrange and re-arrange the classroom as and when the need arises. The play area, which is exclusively for the preschoolers has child safe flooring and plenty of colourful outdoor equipment for gross motor activities. The washrooms are child-size. The entire Pre-Primary housed on the first and second floor of the primary building has a happy, child friendly atmosphere with most display boards at child’s eye level.


“Each child has an individuality, a mind, a heart and a body different from another. It should be our effort to create a learning environment in which each individual flowers at his/her own pace and as per his/her own capabilities.Individual excellence and enrichment of their personality should be the objective of education”. In order to take this forward the school should nurture an all-round excellence, beyond the academic dimension, to produce global citizens of tomorrow.



Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
A teacher who loves learning earns the right and the ability to help others learn.

The Gujarat Research Society is a well-entrenched name in the field of quality education & offers a
teacher training programme in Early Childhood Care and Education (#ECCE). Through the course, you will learn how to use the element of fun to aid learning in young children, from experienced & notable teachers in the field.

This course enables one to obtain employment as a Kindergarten Teacher in schools, Playschool, start a Crèche, conduct activity classes or make and market
Teaching Aids and creative games for children.

Programme Duration: 1 year
Eligibility: Std. XII

For details contact:
Melita D’Souza
ECCE Dept. at Gujarat Research Society,
Dr. Madhuri Shah Campus,
Ramakrishna Mission Marg,
Khar (W), Mumbai – 400052.

Time: 10:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 2 pm Saturday

Tel: 26462691 / 26041031 / 26496162 Extn: 1601

Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary is at Bloomingdales.
At #BloomingdalesPrePrimary, we don't just slide, we slide and smile 🙂

#HappinessIs #Slide #PlayTime
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary is at Bloomingdales.
At #BloomingdalesPrePrimary we encourage children to scribble and draw. 🖍

Drawing and scribbling are the first steps that children need to start writing.

We set out a whole lot of crayons, sketch pens, markers, etc. so that children can draw or scribble whatever they want. 🙂

Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
#BloomingdalePrePrimary - Writing Readiness
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
When children play with the rockers, they engage all their muscles to hold on, balance and coordinate their body to the #rhythm of moving back and forth. This movement provides children with first-hand knowledge and experience of cause and effect and of understanding #spatiallearning, such as up and down and back and forth.

Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Before a child starts reading, they pass through the stage of reading readiness where through sight words & pictures they learn to identify various letters and words.

#BloomingdalesPrePrimary #readingreadiness
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary is with Jharna Dave.
Role play is very important in a child's growing years as it aids in all-round growth and enhances self-esteem.

Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
#BloomingdalesPrePrimary - Birthday Role Play


Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
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