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A glimpse into the virtual teaching - learning at Bloomingdales Pre-Primary.


A Little About Us

Ensconced in the suburb of Khar (West), an exclusive school, Bloomingdales Pre-Primary is vibrant and warm. Buzzing with laughter and child-chatter, our babies look forward to coming to school day in and day out. A home away from home, where learning is made joyful and meaningful through hands-on learning centers, concrete/sensorial experiences and individualised activities.


Research and educational experiences underline the crucial importance of early years in the child’s developmental experience.


The Pre-Primary section of the school has big, airy classrooms with minimal furniture. Most furniture in the classroom is durable, stackable and moveable which helps the facilitators to arrange and re-arrange the classroom as and when the need arises. The play area, which is exclusively for the preschoolers has child safe flooring and plenty of colourful outdoor equipment for gross motor activities. The washrooms are child-size. The entire Pre-Primary housed on the first and second floor of the primary building has a happy, child friendly atmosphere with most display boards at child’s eye level.


“Each child has an individuality, a mind, a heart and a body different from another. It should be our effort to create a learning environment in which each individual flowers at his/her own pace and as per his/her own capabilities.Individual excellence and enrichment of their personality should be the objective of education”. In order to take this forward the school should nurture an all-round excellence, beyond the academic dimension, to produce global citizens of tomorrow.


The first week of school is most important. This time is meant to create bonding between the teacher and the student (child). I was too apprehensive to leave my kid away from me. But, I really appreciate the way teachers are taking care of my child. I feel that I have chosen the correct school for my child. Thank You.
Mr & Mrs Goel
Parents of Shikhar Goel (Nursery - C)



Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Our little dancers from Sr. K.G. can't contain their excitement when it comes to twirling and twisting with their in-house dance partners! 👯‍♂️
What a treat to the eyes! Have a look. 🤩

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Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
The prevailing pandemic has caused all of us to find a different, alternative in the way to do things. And our teachers have definitely risen to the occasion and adapted virtual, innovative methods of teaching, in order to give our students the best experience - virtually, mentally and emotionally.

Our Principal, Damayanti Bhattacharya, through her article featured in #BusinessWorldEducation has shed light on how our teachers have embraced the new-age teaching practices and fared to match pace.

To read the full article, click on the link below -
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Our little preschoolers had the best time along with their families during the virtual #FunAndBondingSession. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We were extremely overjoyed to see the involvement and enthusiasm of all our parents and grandparents as they actively participated in the games organised. 🤗
We're proud to have you as part of our #Bloomingdales Family! 🙌🏼😄

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Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Kudos to our little Jr. K.G students for bringing their favourite stories to life through their 'Tell A Tale' activity.

From dressing in costumes to dramatic retelling, at #Bloomingdales, there are lots of ideas to keep our little ones busy in playful learning.

#BloomingdalesPrePrimary #Preschool #JML #Bestschool #Khar #Mumbai #Mumbaigram #QuarantineLife #MusicalChairs #Music #Fun #SchoolLife #SchoolLifeHacks
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Who said #DistantLearning cannot be fun?
Thanks to our Teachers, #VirtualLearning too has become the best way to beat boredom and keep our kids active even when at home. Watch how our Sr. K.G. students had a great time playing Musical Chairs with their class.

#Bloomingdales #Preschool #JML #Bestschool #Khar #Mumbai #Mumbaigram #QuarantineLife #MusicalChairs #Music #Fun #SchoolLife
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Bloomingdales Pre-Primary
Our little budding artists engage in their favourite - Dabbing Activity. Alongside the fun aspect, the goal of this activity is to develop eye-hand coordination, strengthen their hands and fingers, and prepare our young ones for writing. ✍🏼

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Bloomingdales Pre-Primary