NEP 2020 Related Features

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has laid down many guidelines to make education more effective and accessible to all young learners in the country.

Our Early Years programme, is based on research and over four decades of hands-on educational experience of running a preschool and we are thrilled to see that we have been on the right path all along.

Here are some of the features of our programme that align with with NEP 2020



We have enhanced our teaching methods to promote experiential learning, project-based learning, and interdisciplinary studies. We’re also integrating technology into the learning process, providing students with access to digital resources and tools to enhance their educational experience. Our updated curriculum encourages critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration, equipping your child with the skills they need to succeed academically and personally.


Our programme at the schools is developmentally appropriate as it matches the natural curiosity and active nature of young learners. By involving the learners in dealing with real-life issues that are age-appropriate and allowing them to come up with solutions, we open up many avenues for creativity, practicality and independence. Our facilitators gently nudge the learners in the right direction as they explore and solve various challenges. In the process, failure is also an important lesson that is learnt, with ample opportunity to course-correct and overcome the challenge successfully.


Our programme for the early years gives the individual child opportunities to explore and identify one or more talents that they may possess. We support diverse learners. There are numerous occasions where this talent can be nurtured and showcased. Be it in the performing arts, fine arts, dexterity, literacy or numeracy.


By emphasizing holistic development, embedding 21st-century skills, and providing a flexible learning environment, we prepare our kids to adapt to and thrive in today’s dynamic world. We ensure through our programme that our core values remain in place. With access to our traditions and stories across various mediums, we encourage the little learners to stay firmly rooted as they reach for the sky!


Learners from Bloomingdales Pre-primary move on to Std 1 at JML School once they finish Sr KG. The progression is seamless. The Std 1 crew are aware of what the Sr KG graduates are capable of and know exactly where to start off. Up to Std 2 we follow the Foundational Stage Curriculum Framework as set by the NEP 2020. This is followed up with the Preparatory Stage in Std 3-5 at JML School.


At Bloomingdales, our kids don’t carry too much on their shoulders, only their own water bottle. Each child has a small school bag that comes to school on Monday morning and only goes back home on Friday with fun and relevant worksheets and workbooks to be completed over the weekend.

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