Bloomingdales Pre-Primary School – The Perfect Blend of Dynamic & Traditional Values

Having launched operations in 1979, Bloomingdales has garnered an immense reputation as a leading Pre-Primary School. Located in the Dr. Madhuri Shah Campus along with JML School (ICSE & ISC), Bloomingdales offers an exclusive early year’s programme, designed to meet the needs of toddlers, focusing on child development and providing a holistic learning experience.

The institution strives to instil values and educate the students on the basis of a balanced approach; between academics, and skill-building with a perfect amalgamation of both traditional values and contemporary thought. It is also the school’s prerogative to educate the students about the importance of trust, mutual respect, and compassion as well as encouraging them to be committed to social service and to become vanguards of the environment.

The school adheres to the principle of experiential learning, the incorporated unstructured activities like free play, creative play, role play, and sensory play enables a first-hand experience of learning which also goes a long way to help them develop qualities such as imagination, creativity and empathy. The children enjoy a sense of freedom that allows them to grow in a pressure-free environment.

Another highlight is the ‘Buddy Programme’ that encourages an exchange of ideas, with a well-defined purpose of inculcating the values of nurturing and empathy, amongst the older children. Buddies may be students from the primary or secondary section who are invited to share their talents etc with our pre-primary students.

Bloomingdales is also credited for pioneering the concept of a Learning Centre in the preschool module. It offers children opportunities for hands-on learning, through the use of tactile indigenous material. The Learning Centre, now called ‘The Doer’s Dens’ has been split up into M.A.D; Den for Music (singing) and Dance, Language Den for story-telling, dramatic play, role play, picture talk, show and tell etc., the Art Den for art and craft activities and the S.E.E Den for self-exploration and experimentation activities which may range from fine motor activities to activities relating to science or math problem-solving.

Bloomingdales Pre-school’s approach of educating children in a natural and engaging way by crafting the academic process has nurtured the development of their students, which is validated by the testimonies of the parents, “As always, Bloomingdales Playschool ensures that its students have fun while learning. Through the dance activity which was obviously well planned and subsequently executed, the teachers infused the session with enthusiasm and vibrancy, whilst teaching the children about the festival of Navratri. Yet again, we are humbled by the effort taken by the school to make online learning both engaging and fun, especially for children this young.” – Vaijayanti & Abhishek Sharma.

“I would like to thank all the teachers for the efforts they are putting together to teach our children. Preparing lessons, making children learn through fun, all this through distance learning. Even the assignments are easy to understand for the children. It is very difficult to teach such small kids online. It is really a commendable effort by all of them. I personally feel very satisfied and happy with the online sessions.” – Prisha’s Mum.

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