Jasudben ML School & Bloomingdales Pre-Primary host creative online sessions to enhance Preschool students’ social development

In an effort to promote the social development of the children as online learning has become the norm, Jasudben ML School & Bloomingdales Pre-primary – one of the finest ICSE schools in Khar, Mumbai organised a variety of activities that encouraged students to be creative and socially interactive. Social interaction is a crucial component of a child’s holistic growth but has been on the back burner ever since scholastic learning shifted to the online space.  For this very purpose, the school envisaged and endeavoured to create a balance between virtual education and social learning using a series of stimulating educational activities.

The Principal and Teachers of Bloomingdales Pre-primary school held a pyjama party for nursery students and their families. This party included several fun games that brought along a lot of laughter and cheers. With the support of parents, senior kg students made their own home in a corner using umbrellas, cushions, mattresses, bedsheets, and other items. With their toys, a few students also created miniature kitchens. All through the party, teachers interacted with students about what they were doing and how they built their homes. Teachers encouraged students to make phone calls to each other in order to engage in imaginary conversations with their classmates.

Talking about the initiative, JML School & Bloomingdales Pre-Primary Principal Damayanti Bhattacharya said, “In general, nursery, senior, and junior kg children are more innovative. Their little brains are teeming with ideas. We, as their teachers, are attempting to extract those thoughts from their minds in order to determine which area each child is interested in. Along with schooling, we aim to encourage the children to follow their hobbies. Learning fascinating things from the beginning aids them in becoming skilled over time. We also assist their parents in determining the child’s interests. We don’t simply want to assist learners based on their age and academic requirements, but we also want to help them build the best future. We have an excellent counselling unit as part of the services at the school.”

With the help of its senior kg students, JML school commemorated Guru Poornima by creating a video of Guru Poornima prayers. The school believes that recalling a prayer and its meaningful words will sharpen the minds of students and also make them increasingly mindful. For Junior kg students, there was a unique under-the-table art activity. In this fun session, students painted upside down under chairs and tables to emulate how certain famous ceilings could have been painted.

Furthermore, teachers instructed senior kg students to create a tricolour assemblage object using items such as clothes, toys, clay, and other materials on the 15th of August, Independence Day. Students created lovely items out of it and explained to their teachers the thought process behind what they created and how they did it.

As we all know, imagination is the most powerful tool, and tiny children possess it at all times. They don’t think in a certain way, but they are constantly looking to make things more colourful. Teachers prompted senior kg students to listen to a story with their eyes closed during an online session and then asked them to sketch whatever came to mind. The outcome was breathtaking!

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