Touch a child’s life, be a part of its growth with Gujarat Research Society’s

Early Childhood Care and Education Programme

About the Programme

Gujarat Research Society, a well-entrenched name in the field of quality education offers a teacher training programme in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). This programme aims to sensitize and equip its students with essential skills required to make committed teachers; who in turn make a vital difference in a child’s life.

Career Options

This course enables one to obtain employment as a Kindergarten Teacher in prominent schools, start a crèche or playschool, conduct activity classes or make and market teaching aids and creative games for children.

Requirement & Duration

Gujarat Research Society’s Early Childhood Care and Education Teacher Training programme for academic year 2019 – 2020.

Minimum qualifications: Std. XII or its equivalent from any university in India. (Graduates Preferred)

Programme Duration: 1 year


For details contact Melita D’Souza ECCE Dept. at:

Gujarat research Society’s, Dr. Madhuri Shah Campus,
Ramakrishna Mission Marg, Khar (W), Mumbai – 400052.
Between 10:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday, 11am to 2 pm Saturday

Tel: 02226462691 / 02226041031 / 02226496162 Extn: 1601 
E-mail: ecce@jmlschool.org

ECCEd Teacher Training Gallery

ECCE Testimonials

I did my training under the able guidance of my ECCE coordinator Ms. Purnima Bhasin during the year 1995 – 1996. We had different subjects like psychology, philosophy, methods and materials as well as creativity. We maintained readiness journals and also had extensive practice teaching and many field trips as well as exhibitions during that time. It was very detailed and thorough with a lot of learning by doing and hands on tasks. The teachers were par excellence and they guided and motivated us at each step. I had given my journals to the ECCE programme.

Overall, the training has helped me during my B.Ed. and M.A. in Education Programme as it involved the deepest level of commitment to preschool education and child centric approach.
Auzita Asrani 1995 -1996 (B. Com/M.A. Education/M.A. Literature/B.Ed. /E.C.C.Ed.)
(Assistant Part Time teacher, Secondary Section, Jasudben M.L School)
I did my E.C.C.Ed from GRS and it was a life-changing and wonderful learning journey. The facilitators were very proactive, approachable and gave a very comprehensive depth to the tiny details of Early Childhood. The course was insightful and gave a hands–on exposure to work with children. We learnt about a lot of strategies, tools, tips and techniques to apply while working with young children, Mrs. Purnima Bhasin, who led us through and mentored us during the entire course is a very determined and passionate educator who knows how to make a difference in the lives of young children. And I have been lucky to have had her as my guide and teacher. Having trained under her, I feel that I have developed the necessary knowledge, skills, and personal and professional competencies such as self-awareness, presentations, teamwork, and leadership which are a part of me till date. I am totally able to apply to apply the skills and theories learnt into my current teaching practices.

I cannot express in words how much I appreciate and thank the faculty for E.C.C.Ed. It was am enriching year and I will certainly never forget it.
Richa Dhawan 2008-2009 (B. Com)
(Teacher, Mentor and Year Group Leader- Nahar International School.)
When you choose a path to becoming an early childhood teacher you must have a personal interest and passion for helping young children learn and achieve. To be able to live in their world and magic, creativity, and craziness. To be a multitasker, resilient and teamwork. It’s been 25 years since I did my ECCE and every day I realize how lucky I have been to have done it, under the guidance of some of the most awesome, genuine and committed teachers – Anusha, Mrs. Alka Parelkar and Mrs. Purnima Bhasin. I can very confidently say that what I am today as a teacher and person has largely been influenced by my time at Bloomingdales. It has been my foundation- my roots. I was fortunate enough to have worked as a preschool teacher at Bloomingdales for 12 years under the constant guidance of Mrs. Bhasin, who has been and continues to be a perfect role model who inspires and encourages her students to be lifelong learners, to strive for greatness, live to their full potential and see the best in themselves. She is a teacher who not just taught us the academics but who taught us life’s lessons. I am still learning…………….
In deep gratitude.
Chaahat Advani 1994-1995
(Primary Art Teacher Dhirubhai Ambani International School/ Art based Therapist)
Studying ECCE at GRS was an exceptionally good decision for me. It opened a path that is both fulfilling and rewarding: teaching and taking care of children. The hands-on training approach along with a vast curriculum that included the likes of Howard Gardner, Montessori and Froebel prepared us, trained us, like nothing could. There is ample time given to each trainee, subject is vast, teachers highly qualified, and institute widely respected. It is one of the best places for any student of early childhood education.
Saba Changezi 2017-2018
( Ex pre-primary teacher)
This course has helped me to understand children at a more in-depth level. Learning the play way method keeping in mind their developmental stages. Knowing each and every child is unique with strengths of their own. Learning about creativity and activities so that the child has an individualized hands on experience.

My internship has helped me experience my learnings and abilities and expand my level of patience. This course is not only a certification for me but it is a lifelong learning.
Tania Banks 2017-2018
(Ex Pre-Primary Teacher)
I feel fortunate that I got the opportunity to do this course under the guidance of the best faculty. It was the first of its kind in this field for me. Each day had something new to learn. After completing the course, I feel more confident. It has made me believe in myself and helped me in my higher studies. The internship at this school offered an abundance of exposure. It is a one-year course, embrace it. I am sure you will miss it as much as I do.
Simran Advani 2017- 2018 (B.M.S./E.C.C.Ed.)
(Homeroom Teacher, The Gateway School of Mumbai)
The experience during the ECCE program was wonderful. I enjoyed, learned, and made new friends. The teachers were supportive and missing the course. Purnima Ma’am and Natalya Ma’am were wonderful, learnt a lot by observing them.
Taruna Bhagvati 2017-2018 (B. Com/ E.C.C.Ed)
My overall experience doing my Ecce from Gujarat research Society was amazing. I had heard a lot of things before I joined like there would be too much work, submissions, I would have no time to myself, sleepless nights which I did have during this one year but I was all worth it. We also had fun times, excellent guidance, very friendly co teachers, everyday experiences with children and abundance of learning which I will cherish all my life. It has changed me as a person I am much more confident and can understand the need to nurture a child better. I am really glad I chose this school to do my Ecce and I would recommend it to all.
Puneet Bhui 2017-2018 (M. Com, E.C.C.Ed)
(Pre-Primary Teacher Narayana International)
I enrolled for the ECCE course at Gujarat Research Society only after I asked 100s of questions to the ever patient, ever listening Purnima Bhasin Ma’am who assured me that it won’t be tough if I was regular in my work. I was worried as I was a mother of a preschooler myself. What I loved about the course is:
  • Its optimum duration of one year which is feasible even for a mother.
  • 20 lessons spread across various areas like Art, Story, Organised Games, Worksheets and Play etc. which are to be conducted by the trainee teachers for children give experience in all areas of pre-school education. We were shown model lessons by schoolteachers too which gave us an idea on conducting the lessons.
  • It gets really tough at times … but then it’s the tough that gets you going… and Purnima Ma’am’s encouraging guidance at such times kept my boat rowing.
  • Perfect combination of Theory and Real time continuous practical training given throughout the course duration is extremely important to mould a pre-school teacher. She needs constant interaction with children. Hence theory classes were held in afternoon post spending the day in the classroom watching teachers teach the children.
  • We were given internship at all 4 levels, from Play school to Sr. Kg. which gives a complete picture of pre-school education.
  • Punctuality and morality were expected from day 1 which is very important for a teacher.
  • All the class teachers under whom we interned were extremely helpful, co-operative, informative and real time guides for us. We learnt classroom management skills from them.
  • Theory classes covered many subjects and were taken by in house Co-ordinators Purnima Madam and Natalya Madam as well as guest lecturers which were incredibly detailed and informative.
  • Exams were conducted on a serious note and it really tested our knowledge on the subjects.
  • So as I said, this ECCE course at Gujarat Research changed me totally- I learnt skills I never knew before, It got me a job that told me I was worth a lot and made me a happier, knowledgeable, self- confident, loving mother and a person.
    Manali Desai 2017-2018 (M. Com/ E.C.C.Ed)
    (Ex-Teacher Bloomingdales Pre-Primary)