Playschool Admissions

Are you looking for Playschool admission?

Here’s why you should consider Bloomingdales Playschool in Khar West.

“Every child is gifted; they just unwrap their packages at different times!”

Bloomingdales Playschool in Khar West, is a place of joyful, hands-on learning, which provides a child-friendly, safe, caring and stimulating environment to enhance the development of the children through play and encouraging the toddlers to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, feel emotionally secure and valued as individuals. The toddlers learn to interact and play with material laid out in the environment, (i.e. The Doer’s Den) which not only effectively fulfils the physical, cognitive, creative and social needs of our little children but also teaches them basic concepts.

And most importantly self-help skills, which in turn help them to become more independent. To enrich the programme, we also have music and dance sessions, festival celebrations, and field trips organised throughout the year.

Keeping in mind the emotional/social needs of the babies, the true essence at Bloomingdales Playschool has been the “Transparency”. We maintain this by keeping parents involved in the teaching/learning process as partners. It helps in the smooth transition for our little toddlers from home to school. There are many Parent-Teacher collaborations during festivals and special days. We also take it a step further by involving Grandparents and other family members in our celebrations.

A unique practice of video recording the progress of each child at every stage is followed at Bloomingdales Playschool and sent to the parents.

Thus, we at Bloomingdales focus on the all-round, holistic development of our freshly “Bloomed Buds” who in turn are prepared for the next step in learning.

If you’re looking for playschool admission for you child, here are some of the questions that you should ask:

  1. Is this playschool near me?

  2. Is this the best playschool in my neighbourhood?

  3. Does this play school also lead me to primary and secondary school admissions?


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