Nursery School in Khar

At Bloomingdales Pre-Primary’s Nursery school, we believe in a holistic approach towards learning. 

This encompasses cognitive physical and socio-emotional growth. It combines the five aspects of child development – physical, emotional, social, cognitive and aesthetic.

If you are looking for a Kindergarten school or Montessori school,  at Bloomingdales Nursery we offer you the best of both.

Holistic development motivates a child to learn about a subject as a whole. It instills curiosity and allows the child to learn naturally as well as creatively. The motto of our kindergarten school is to let children learn in a more natural and engaging way as it helps them use academic learning as a foothold for their socio-emotional development.

Holistic development is inclined towards play-based learning and helps children shape and strengthen their skills, creativity and imagination. It promotes self-exploration and experimentation and is an ongoing process of self-improvement. 

Our facilitators focus majorly on the social and emotional learning and wellbeing of the child. By the means of this, they help the child develop self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills that are vital for a child to accomplish day-to-day challenges and makes them more independent. 

At our nursery school, much like in any Montessori preschool, it is all about self-exploration and experimentation, and hence we incorporate a lot of unstructured activities like free play, creative play, role play, sensory play, etc. to give a first-hand experience of learning to the child. Through unstructured play we help a child build important qualities such as imagination, creativity and empathy. The structure of free play helps children enjoy a sense of freedom, allowing them to make mistakes in a pressure-free environment.  Unstructured play helps children express themselves more clearly, and develop problem-solving skills.

Our programme includes a whole lot of sensory play activities as it encourages discovery and independent thinking, as well as inspiring imagination and creativity. 

In the nursery school we have big spacious classrooms with bare minimum furniture that is easily movable and stackable and used as required. All of the furniture and washroom facilities are child size and child friendly. Materials displayed in the classroom, corridor and walls are all at child’s eye level. Just at the entrance passage, we have installed busy boards made by our facilitators to engage children in motor skill activities.

Each developmental domain has a classroom reserved to itself, (The Doer’s Den) namely – The Art Den, MAD Den (Music and Dance), Language Den and SEE Den (Self-exploration and Experimentation) where our facilitators conduct specialized activities for the little ones.

Our Nursery children also have a play area available exclusively for the preschool that has child safe and visually appealing flooring as well as structures and equipment for outdoor play.

The environment at Bloomingdale’s Pre-Primary is physically safe, emotionally secure and psychologically enabling.


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