The focus is on experiencing versus teaching through discovery and self initiated activities. Thus the role of the adult is that of a facilitator than a teacher.

  • The Bloomingdales curriculum is flexible and child oriented with a happy blend of learning the 3Rs. (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)
  • A developmentally appropriate curriculum, which captures teachable moments and weaves a web around it. Topics selected are based on the different areas of development - Sense of self, Physical growth, Relationships, Understanding and Communication. Conservation is an integral part of the curriculum. All project webs are thus thematic and make learning a meaningful homogeneous whole.
  • A multi-sensorial programme to inculcate the spirit of enquiry, exploration and experimentation throughout the kindergarten years


Quintessentially Bloomingdales

A Preschool with a difference that believes in experiential learning through trial and error, interaction and imitation. 

Learning Center

We are one of the pioneers in starting the Learning Center in the preschool which offers children a choice and freedom for hands on learning, through the use of concrete and indigenous material.

Buddy Programme

An ongoing Buddy programme to encourage child to child learning, with a view of inculcating the feeling of nurturing and empathy amongst the older children. 

I am Happy in School

Our students look forward to school. We support this with a video.