Our Curriculum

Our pre-primary curriculum focuses on experiential learning through discovery and self-driven activities, changing the role of the adult to that of facilitator rather than a teacher.

Our pedagogy is flexible and developmentally appropriate, which captures teachable moments and weaves a thematic web around them. Each project web focuses on the sense of self, physical growth, relationships, understanding & communication and conservation, making learning a meaningful homogeneous experience.

Our early year’s programme, which is multi-sensorial, encourages the spirit of enquiry, exploration and experimentation along with a happy blend of learning the 3Rs (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic).

Our holistic approach combines the five aspects of child development – physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and aesthetic. This motivates a child to learn about a subject as a whole. It instills curiosity and allows the child to learn naturally as well as creatively. Our approach of letting children learn in a natural and engaging way helps use academic learning as a foothold for their socio-emotional development.

Early Years Programme

A Preschool With A Difference

We believe in experiential learning through trial and error, interaction, and imitation. We incorporate unstructured activities like free play, creative play, role play, and sensory play to give the children a first-hand experience of learning. Unstructured play also helps them develop qualities such as imagination, creativity and empathy. The children enjoy a sense of freedom that allows them to make mistakes in a pressure-free environment. 

Learning Centre

We were pioneers in having started the Learning Center in our preschool, which offers children opportunities for hands-on learning, through the use of tactile indigenous material. Our programme includes sensory play activities which encourage discovery and independent thinking.

Our Learning Center, now called ‘The Doer’s Dens’ has been split up into M.A.D Den (Music and Dance), Language Den, Art Den, and S.E.E Den (Self Exploration and Experimentation). These dens are dedicated to specific areas of the child’s development just as the name suggests.

Buddy Programme

Our Buddy programme encourages child-to-child learning, with a view of inculcating the feeling of nurturing and empathy, amongst the older children.

I Am Happy In School

Our students look forward to school. Watch this video to see why.