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Our legacy goes back to the year 1979. Over four decades ago, under the guidance and vision of Dr. Madhuri Shah, Bloomingdales was born. With just 11 students in Std.1, this humble institution established its roots under the able stewardship of Smt. Kishoriben Mehta, our first Principal.

Through the response and encouragement from the community, Jasudben M. L. Experimental School was established in 1980. And as part of this expansion, more floors were added and we grew the school up to Std IV.

Over the years, the school became the institution we know it as today; a complete educational institution from Playschool to higher secondary which includes Std. XI and Std. XII following the ISC curriculum.

The Jasudben M.L School, which includes Bloomingdales Pre-Primary, endeavours to provide every child the opportunity to blossom from toddlers to responsible young adults, in keeping with our motto: “Knowledge adorns character”.


Dr. Madhuri Shah

An illustrious and highly accomplished lady, our founder, Dr. Madhuri Shah was a nationally and internationally acclaimed educationist.

Born in 1919, in Ranpur, Gujarat, she matriculated from Alexandra Girls’ English institute, Bombay and went on to graduate in Mathematics (Honours) from St. Xavier’s College, University of Mumbai.

She then completed her B.T. Degree in Education from Secondary Teachers Training College, Mumbai. Later she stood first in her M.Ed class from the University of Mumbai. She earned a Ph.D. in Education from the Institute of Education, London on ‘Comparative Study of Organisation and Administration of Primary Education in London and Bombay’.

Apart from her glowing academic accomplishments, she authored over 200 books covering subject areas such as Educational Administration, Education and Finance, Psychology, Educational Measurement, Testing and Evaluation, Mathematics, Language Learning, Continuing Education, Innovative Learning Materials in Mathematics, Science and Languages.

Dr. Shah established Hansraj Jivandas College of Education in 1969. She also set up the Educational and Vocational Counseling Unit in Gujarat Research Society, Bombay in 1954. She was elected as International President of the World Education Fellowship, London in 1972.

She worked as Vice-Chancellor of S.N.D.T University, Bombay from 1975 to 1981 and went on to become the Chairman of University Grants Commission, New Delhi in 1981, and was also honoured with the Padma Shri award by the Government of India in 1977.      

Dr. Madhuri Shah, a visionary and a staunch advocate for education, fought hard and went against convention, to stand up for her convictions.

She founded Jasudben M.L School in 1979 and introduced the ‘Project Method’ of teaching-learning, a concept way ahead of its times. She believed that learning should entail a multi-pronged approach as each child is an individual whose best potential can and must be tapped.

An ardent believer of “beyond classroom walls” and “out-of-the-box creative strategies”, Smt. Kallolini Hazarat was the President of the Gujarat Research Society as well as the President of the Indian chapter of the World Education Fellowship. In addition, she was the President of the Reading Association of India.

Smt. Hazarat was instrumental and played a pivotal role in nurturing and guiding Bloomingdales Pre-Primary and Jasudben M.L School from its very inception.

She added the very valuable Centre for Lifelong Learning which caters to individuals of all ages and stratas of society, to the Gujarat Research Society. This resonated with her philosophy of “learning should be fun”.

Versatile and multi-faceted, she also made regular contributions to the world of classical music and dance. She established her own Garba group that regularly performed in Mumbai and abroad.

Smt. Kallolini Hazarat


Established in 1936, Gujarat Research Society is a premier registered charitable trust and a pioneer multidisciplinary research institute.

The Society is headquartered in Mumbai and has centres in Ahmedabad and Delhi. It contributes to the welfare of the community and education.

The society achieved an All-India status under the dynamic and visionary leadership of its late president Dr. Madhuri Shah, a highly acclaimed educationist both in India and abroad.

From humble beginnings, the Society has, in its 84 glorious years, grown into Dr. Madhuri Shah Campus, comprising institutes that are involved in multifaceted activities for Human Resource Development.

Our Timeline

Here is a timeline of how the Society grew over Eight Decades:

1936– Gujarat Research Society was established

1938 – The Journal of Gujarat Society was published

1954 – Psychological Research Institute was established

1955 – Child Guidance Clinic was established

1956 – Vocational and Education Guidance Centre was established

            ‘Samshodhan Sadan’ was established

1960 – Ahmedabad branch of Gujarat Research Society was established

1961 – Health Research Institute was established

1965 – Lions Juhu Centre for Children in Need of Special Care was                             established

1968 – MN Munshi & Smt. KM Munshi Diagnostic Clinic was inaugurated

1969 – Hansraj Jivandas College of Education was established



1979 – Dr. Madhuri Shah Nursery & KG (now Bloomingdales 

             Pre-Primary) School was established.

1980 – Jasudben M.L School was established

1985 – Chandaben Mohanbhai Patel Rehabilitation Workshop was initiated

1986 – International Conference of World Education Fellowship was                           hosted

1989 – The Society’s premises was named Dr. Madhuri Shah Campus

1990 – Diploma in Early Childhood Care Education was introduced

1993– Silver Jubilee of HJ College of Education was celebrated

1994 – Pushpa Navnit Shah Centre for Lifelong Learning was established

1996 – Diamond Jubilee of Gujarat Research Society was celebrated

1996 – The cultural centre Swar Nupur was established   

1999 – Twenty years of Bloomingdales Pre-Primary and Jasudben M.L                      School was celebrated

Our Key Institutes Are

Bloomingdales Pre-Primary

Jasudben M. L. School

Hansraj Jivandas College of Education

Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Child Guidance Centre

Vocational and Educational Guidance Centre

Health Research Institute

N.Munshi & Smt. K.M. Munshi Diagnostic Clinic

Lions Juhu Centre for Children in Need of Special Care

Pushpa Navnit Shah Centre for Lifelong Learning


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Special Activity Dens
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